The beginning of Chicago Snapshot

My website is 17 years old. I registered .com .net and .org back in 2003. It’s went gone through some changes over the years. First it was a street blog, just random photos of interesting signage, going into the “rougher” areas of Chicago, just snapshots.

Interest from former residents of the Roseland neighborhood

After that, for some reason, a post on the Roseland neighborhood of Chicago started accumulating lots of interest. My comments sections were full of discussions of people who used to live in the Roseland neighborhood. I actually met a woman in Arizona who I dated briefly. I even moved to Arizona to be with her. That relationship fizzled out, and I moved back to Chicago.

Chicago Snapshot was originally Movable Type, kinda like WordPress, a (CMS) Content Management System. I switched to WordPress later on, I liked it better and it was becoming mainstream and easy to manage edits and additions.

Not just Chicago photos

In 2010, I did a road trip, and from then on its been a mixture of Chicagocentric photos (mainly long exposure downtown photos) but also photos from my road trips to North Dakota, and the American Southwest. Deserts, Route 66, California etc.

On all my road trips I also had a dash cam, so I embedded videos to. So that is the state where Chicago Snapshot is now. Just my attempt at artistic photos. I love road trips out West of Chicago.

No feedback in 17 years

It is a shame though, that in my 17 years of owning that I never got any kind of real communication via the contact page forms, etc. No job offers, not even an email saying “Hey Chris, I love your photos”. There are way better photographers, but just little email feedback would be nice. Ah well. I guess everyone is on Twitter or Instagram now. I think FaceBook is dead. I deleted my FaceBook account years ago. I found FaceBook a highly intrusive Android app, and also social media platform.

Social media is bad

FaceBook was labeled a “data mining” platform. I believe it was. FaceBook was fun to catch up with people from my past, Junior High and High School. However I only knew these people by names, I did not know what they were doing in their adult life.

I recently got suspended Twitter. Lets just say I was mocking too many Republicans and Trump and his family too much. I stand by what I said on Twitter, I retract nothing. Also arguing on social media is pointless. Especially over political sides. I happen to be raised a Democrat. So, yes a liberal. Not extremely liberal, but “middle of the road liberal”. I also tried to promote Chicago Snapshot and my photos on Twitter. I got banned before keeping that practice up.

Its ok. I don’t really trust any social media anymore. At my peak on Twitter I had about 2,500 followers. I have no idea who any of those people were. Some liked my photography, gave me comments and nice feedback.

I won’t be returning to Twitter anymore. Actually their system knows when you try and set up a new account. So, I figure I will leave Twitter alone. I am on Instagram as christrott72. Ill keep posting on that. Otherwise, Ill just keep this site up.

Maybe one day…

Maybe one day, someone will contact me via this site. For a job? For collaboration? Or just to say “Hey, Chris, I like your photos”. It is what it is. My small corner and “toy” on the Internet

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