It’s 2021, New Year’s Day

So it’s a new year. Nothing has changed for me…yet. Last night, my parents and I had champagne. It was good pick my father. It was not technically not champagne I think, I saw the label, it looked Italian. Champagne does hit me hard though.  For the last two decades or as long as I can remember, I always celebrated New Years Eve at home with my parents. First off, NYE parties are too hyped up and noisy. Also there are a lot of amateur drunks driving on the road, also there are a lot of cops watching for those drunks. Something I don’t feel I want to get mixed up in. So I stay home. This year even more so, with this virus.

Since my parents don’t feel like staying up till midnight (Chicago time) we crack open the bottle at 11pm (New York time) So we did that,  I toasted my parents that our family and those two have good health, and we all have happiness in 2021. Etc etc.. After my champagne, I went right to bed.

Same routine so far

So it’s now around 4:00am Central Time on the first day of 2021. Since this pandemic has started, I have had a hard time sleeping. I sleep very short periods. My sleep is all over the place, and I feel its not healthy (mentally). My body will do what it wants I guess. Ill talk to someone about that.

What can we look forward to?

So what can we all look forward to in 2021? For me, and may be billions of others, no  more Trump in the White House (hopefully he, his family, and some of the GOP members goto prison). That would be a bonus. In prison for lying to the American people about the seriousness of this virus, separating children from parents, cozying up  dictators, accepting Russian money, attempting a coup in the United States… the list goes on. I hope that some person or group is keeping track of all of Trumps blatant crimes. I hope Trump pays with prison and the rest of his assets.

Not to put the day off on a bad note

So not to get the first of the New Year off on a bad note, as for me, I will attempt to lose weight. It’s hard. I did a DNA test and the DNA test claims I have a certain muscle fiber that makes it hard to lose weight. Dunno. Yes I am pretty fat.

My goals

I am going to try and take more photos  Of Chicago, and maybe Summer of 2021 hopefully a Westward photo road trip. Not completely sure about that one yet. Something has to happen for me, before then for me to do that.

I wish all people (even the already successful ones ) success and continued success in 2021, with the hopes that a sliver or a fraction of success falls my way. My dad has said to me repeatedly throughout my life “Even a blind chicken finds a corn” I am a blind chicken, pecking around looking for some corn.

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