Brach’s Candy Factory

Urban exploration in the abandoned Brach's Candy Factory
Like a kid in a candy store

Inside the abandoned Brach’s Candy Factory on Chicago’s far Westside. I ventured in here with a group of “urban exploration” people from a Meetup in 2007. Normally, when I was younger I would venture into these abandoned places by myself. Back in 2007, I did not know the area here (Chicago’s Westside), so I tagged along with a group of nerdy urban exploration people.

Sneaking into abandoned factories is dangerous

Actually, in hind site, there was a advantage for going in here in a group. There were metal scrappers on the premises at the time. I did not know who was in the facility. Back in 2007, this was before the filming of the Batman movie here. So, the facility was wide open. I think the Meetup group drove a van in here. There were holes everywhere in the fence line.

I spent the whole day in here, still starting to learn how to use the camera on the tripod etc… Doing long exposures inside in the dimly lit interior of the candy factory. I almost lost my shoe on one floor. There was syrup or something sticky spilled all over the place.

Towards the end of the day, I was on one of the top floors, and I wanted to go down the stairs. I get to the doorway of the nearest stairway, and I see what seems to be a black puddle. I almost stepped into it, then realized it was a gaping hole in the stairway! I could have fallen 3 floors through the hole!

So that was pretty much the last time I snuck into an abandoned place.

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