Chicago Snapshot redesign

So, I purchased a pretty advanced and fancy WordPress theme from It cost me $65, so one of the more premium themes that were well built and responsive. Responsive design is when a website changes a bit to suit various device screen sizes and computer resolutions. I guess I know many web design tricks and features. I only have been building websites for over 15 freaking years! I should have learned a thing or two by then! So  I did a website redesign of this website.

WordPress and changing themes

I had a theme, it was well  built, lots of customizable features. One thing, it was too well built. It was huge! Slow to load etc. When a website is good, but takes long to load by Google Page Speed standards, then you lose out on search engine rankings. God forbid your website will take an extra millisecond to load! So after much debating, I decided to switch WordPress Themes to another one, that I had purchased before the main one I was using. This one is “lighter”, i.e. loads faster is not all gummed up with extra coding. Still customizable, just easier to load and works better with caching plugins and various third party plugins I have been using.

Monitoring web traffic, I am a nerd

I did the switch over pretty fast. We will see if the small amount of web traffic I get will go down, or up or whatever. Since I am bored, I have no funds in the bank, I can’t do anything fun. So I sit in my parents basement, and screw around on the Internet and maintain my sites. Also I re-work older photos (I have been pretty fucking lazy to go out and take new photos).

Clean digital footprint

Since I starting computing back in 1995 at Northern Illinois University, I have always been a Windows person. I dabbled with using Macintosh, and LINUX. LINUX is far more secure, and less likely to get hacked, but Windows is easy. Laziness is one of my flaws.  I know for a fact my Android phone and Windows 10 machine were in fact hacked. I was highly upset, and have no idea who was doing it. But I am stupid, and keep using a smart phone and computer.

Open book

I have no real secrets, my life is an open book. Also I am not doing anything I should not be doing on the Internet. One thing I hate Apple and Macintosh products. They are over hyped, their presentations are pretentious, and they are expensive and proprietary. In other words I like to find copied software and use it.

Seasoned photo, computer, and network nerd

I am a seasoned computer user. I would take the “Pepsi challenge” on anything I posted or wrote since 1995. Nothing I said, wrote and posted  or emailed, would warrant a knock on the door. I know my rights, and if they were in some way violated, I would be very global in expressing and illustrating that I was being annoyed or harassed, or in some way sophistically ganged up on. I would have no problem detailing things. So I was hacked, and I know these people were targeting my devices and running remote sessions on them.

Assume it all

So since my N.I.U. days, I kinda assumed all phone calls could be listened to, all emails could be intercepted, etc etc. I assume once I post or say something or type something, it can be intercepted . Hell I am sure GPS can be used and tracked on your phone. People could pop up before you get to a place. Am I paranoid? Perhaps. I am lets say careful around any electronic devices. Hell, I put my cell phone in a drawer, or glove compartment if I should say anything I don’t want heard. These smart phone can be turned on at any give moment. Its why I bullshit a lot at times. Ill still use technology to communicate.  I  am not a caveman.

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