Starting over

I decided to wipe out my one, original site, and start fresh. Over the years I owned many domain names. The very first domain I registered was I have no idea what is on that site now. Then I registered (net) (org). I also registered (net) (org) that one was interesting. You would have no idea how many people Google “Everyone Hates me”. I let it expire, it seemed too negative. Oh, back in 1999 I had the chance to purchase I really wish I bought that one. That would have been cool to own.

Domains I owned

I still own (net) (org) I like it, a person tried to purchase it from me, I said no. I like it since I live in the greater Chicagoland area, and I do go downtown for photos every so often. The domain is easy to remember, sounds good. My personal site is (net) (org) That one, I have no idea what to do with. I had various things on it over the years. The last thing I had on it were a copy of my photos from  At one time I had 4 sites going. I have no idea why.

Grew up with the Internet

I grew up with webdesign and graphic design, so these are just my online “toys” . I log in, maintain the site, look for errors, make sure nothing is broken. I also check web stats, Analytics as they now call them. These sites are simply something for me to do.

Anyway, I decided to wipe out and start over. I guess maybe will be more of my graphical doodles, also some writing. I never was perfect with my grammar. Hell, Ill be honest, I was a lazy student in school. I did the bare minimum. Any “Grammar Nazi” could pick apart my paragraphs and find ways to correct them. I suppose , I am literate and my words do kinda flow. I still don’t know where to use a semi-colon. I try to break up my paragraphs, use commas correctly and also try and incorporate larger words etc… into my sentences. Also I try and not mis-use words or use them in the wrong context. If I don’t know a word, Ill look up the definition to see if it would fit in my sentence. In other words I am no rocket scientist.

A nutty German

I am fortunate I am bi-lingual. I come from a German family. First born in the US. So I know two languages half-assed. I think everyone should try to learn a second language. I also feel everyone should have a creative hobby. In college I am ashamed to admit it, I was not a “C” student, I was a “D” student. I really sucked. But I got my paper (diploma) and my dad was pleased. Meh. I still have an transient nightmare that I never graduated college. Or that I was stuck in high school forever. I am so glad I am done with my formal education. I could not imagine going to school or college in these times. With all the crazy stuff going on.

But through typing out things and reading on the Internet, I guess I improved my writing skills. My German writing is not good though. I can  read it, speak it a bit more than asking where the bathroom is. Those Germans are nuts. Those guys are a little too tightly wound in the head. They do make good stuff though and good  beer.

Anyway I am rambling. I am going to run two sites. and 

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