The Ghost Town of Cisco, Utah
A Ghost Town in Utah

Back in May of 2015 I had the opportunity to take a road trip out West. I hit Utah on my 4th or 5th day on the road. One of the places I wanted to photograph was the Ghost Town of Cisco, Utah. It is just off of I-70 in Utah. It contains many old, wooden structures. Some demolished, late models  cars. Just general trash. One outhouse. It did make for an ok photo op. I got a few fairly interesting photos . Since it was early morning, and had just rained, it added to the mood of my photos. I think the 1971 movie “Vanishing Point” was partially filmed there.

I lost my car keys

I unfortunately lost my car keys (wireless key fob) at a gas station in the small town of Sterling, Colorado. Once the car recognized the wireless key fob was no longer in the car, or near it, the car sounded “Key not in car”. So that forced me to make a decision. I tried to go back to the gas station to look for the car fob. I was already on the expressway at the time (I-70).

Panic and backtracking

I did an illegal U-Turn on the interstate and headed back to the gas station. I did not shut the car off, in the fear that I could not re-start the car. So I let the car idle. At the gas station, I asked the clerk if he found any keys. “Nope” he said. As a result of losing my car keys, I was stuck in Denver for two days until my parents could FedEx me my extra set.

Trying to collect my thoughts

In hind site, I think I accidentally left key fob on top of the roof of the car. The keys stayed on the car until I hit the entrance ramp of the expressway, where they fell off. So I had the car running, but no way to shut it off. I figured I would goto Denver, and find a Hyundai Dealership and they could get me a new keyfob. I called dozens of Hyundai dealerships while driving West . No one had the key fob in stock. I resorted to letting my parents FedEx me my extra key fob to a Holiday Inn Express near Denver In an Holiday Inn Express in Englewood, Colorado. I was stuck in Denver for two days in a hotel room.

FedEx facility in Denver, great people!

So after I got my extra key fob via FedEx, I was on my way to Utah. I was traveling I-70 West. I had already researched Cisco, Utah on the Internet  before I left for the trip.

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