Cruising California with Jim

Driving in California asking Jim for some cosmic wisdom
Cruising California

I had an awesome stay at the Best Western in Mammoth Lakes, California. I stayed there for two days and nights. I ordered pizza from a local place, not bad actually for California pizza. My room and the staff at the Best Western in Mammoth Lakes were very nice, and accommodating.  I would stay there again.

One thing I noticed about being up in Northern California is they have bears up there. So the hotel had sign in their parking lot saying “Don’t leave any food items in your car”. So yea. it was interesting.

I did get to see Bodie, California. A California State Park ghost town.  I also did drive a bit into Yosemite National Park however I picked Mammoth Lakes to stay at. That was a mistake for seeing Bodie, and Yosemite. Mammoth Lakes is about 30 minutes South on I-395. It was quite a  bit of driving for one day.

I should have stayed closer to both places. Ah well, live and learn. I would have liked to see the center of Yosemite National Park. Due to fatigue and being tired, I turned around in the park at Yosemite Creek.

I love California however. It’s a mystical state. You have the vast, deserts to the South, and then you have snow, and the mountains to the North. Its an amazing state. A shame that every summer there are fires. I wish they could have a solution for the fires in California.

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