Driving down to Death Valley

My drive down to the valley floor
Driving down to the valley floor
Driving down to the valley floor

Driving down to the floor of Death Valley. Death Valley is hot, and sandy. It is also a dry environment.  What I did not realize before driving here is that you had to drive  up the other side. Going down to the valley was fun, with the twists and turns. My car was straining a bit getting out of the valley. It’s oil pressure was a little high on the incline out of the valley. I was paying attention to that.  Overall not bad.

The ride down was much more fun and easier on my car and satisfying. It was mainly coasting down the road to the valley.  Two days before, I was  staying in Mammoth Lakes, California . From Mammoth Lakes, I drove towards the Death Valley Junction in the valley floor of Death Valley.

Visiting the ghost town of Rhyolite

Before getting to the valley floor, I visited the town of Beatty, Nevada. I had some lunch at a Denny’s restaurant. I also visited the ghost town of Rhyolite, Nevada. Rhyolite was not much of a photo opportunity. There were a few old buildings, but they were fenced off. I could not get any good photos without the fence being in the photo frame. I simply drove by the road in Rhyolite, and looked from my car.

I love the desert. I did not see much wild life, only a single coyote venturing along the road side. Not many flowers or plants of vegetation are on the valley floor. As I understand it, during a certain period of Spring there can be a “super bloom” of flowers on the desert floor.

If I am not mistaken, this was the route I took. I did visit Ryholite, Nevada. Also Beatty, Nevada then some how connected with I-15 going to Barstow, California

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