I love to drive

One thing that I enjoy doing. Is road trips. I hate the tolls and congestion of going East of Chicago, so my choice (when I can) is going West. I love the West. Higher speed limits. Driving briskly is more forgivable. Wide open spaces. Long stretches between populated areas.

Its one reason why I love the desert. I can speed like crazy (within reason). Obviously I never got caught in a  speed trap doing anything I was not supposed to be doing. All my trips from Chicagoland to California or Nevada I have been lucky. Somehow I never came across a serious speed trap. I do always drive with a Radar/Laser detector to see if there is any general radar or laser noise in the area. Obviously then I slow it down a bit, until the signal is gone. Then I am back to speed again.

Comfortable speed to drive at

For me, a comfortable speed is 80MPH. Depending on what Interstate, or if there are towns near by. I am of German lineage, all my family is Germany. I had the fortune of driving the Autobahn from Hanover up North to Bremerhaven. Fastest I drove there was 180MPH. We rented a Mercedes station wagon, I think it even had roll down windows not sure. I just remember my father was in the passenger seat, and he cracked the window when I was at top speed. He could not get the window back up. I had to slow down for the window to work properly.

With that type of high speed driving, both hands must be on the steering wheel. It was bad assed. When there is an accident on  the Autobahn in German, it’s normally not good. Mainly the car is mangled or opened up like a tin can.

My dream car

My dream car at one point was a BMW M3. I forget the E number. 2002-2008, that body style. Since I am now 300lbs, I think an SUV is more my style. To have an Audi SQ5 would be ideal. Then again, I don’t know if I could control myself. I may end up abusing that type of horse power. It would also be cool to get horse power mods on that Audi eek out maybe 100 more HP. That would void the warrantee. But if a good speed shop did it, I bet that would be awesome. Also replace the stock exhaust with Borla exhaust. Oh man. I know I would be in trouble then.

Ah well. Just babbling.

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