Just inside Clark County, Nevada

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Lots of gambling, lots of offers

From my 2015 Westward road trip. Just inside Clark County. I noticed once I hit the Nevada Stateline, many casinos, lots of large signs offering free rooms, etc…. any offer you could imagine.  Personally, I am not a gambling person, so I just passed them off. It was interesting though.

I liked driving through Nevada, especially being in the desert. Being in the desert, away from a town’s limit, it is more tolerable that you can speed a little. Luckily I did not get caught in any speed traps. I was driving very “briskly” the entire trip from Chicago to Nevada. No issues. Luckily.

Going to see the aliens

From this video, I was enroute to Rachel, Nevada to have a beer and a burger at the Little A’Le’Inn. I was debating going to the gates of Area 51.

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