Just inside Clark County

Driving just inside Clark County, Nevada
Just inside Clark County, Nevada
Lots of gambling, lots of offers

From my 2015 Westward road trip. Just inside Clark County. I noticed once I hit the Nevada Stateline, many casinos, lots of large signs offering free rooms, etc…. any offer you could imagine.  Personally, I am not a gambling person, so I just passed them off. It was interesting though.

I liked driving through Nevada, especially being in the desert. Being in the desert, away from a town’s limit, it is more tolerable that you can speed a little. Luckily I did not get caught in any speed traps. I was driving very “briskly” the entire trip from Chicago to Nevada. No issues. Luckily.

Going to see the aliens

From this video, I was enroute to Rachel, Nevada to have a beer and a burger at the Little A’Le’Inn. I was debating going to the gates of Area 51.

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