To post topless  photos or not?

I was debating whether or not to post the photos of my one photo studio session. These photos are from 2009. Yes some are topless photos but they are, I feel, tastefully done. It was a very professionally run studio. These photos were from a studio lighting workshop. I think the studio was Iguana Studios in Chicago. It was run by a gentleman that was by profession a dentist, and did studio, model photography on the side as a hobby. I think I remember Mark claiming that he did  photography for the Joffrey Ballet.

Working with Maria and Mark

Maria or “Maria” as I was introduced to her by Mark the studio owner. She was a model from the UK. Lovely woman, also had a great sense of humor. This studio session was pretty fun, I learned a bit about studio model photography. Mark was a good instructor. I would like to do more model photography in the future, however I am not “in the loop”. In other words I have no contacts in model photography.

It was fun working with Mark and Maria on this photo shoot. Studio photography interests me. Model, studio photography interests me even more. I liked working with Maria (the model) also incorporating various props into the photo shoot.

The future of my photos

If I were to gain contacts in the model photography industry, that would be great. Until then, am just an aging, street punk photographer walking the streets of Chicago and taking my long exposure photos.

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