Monument Valley Tribal Park in Utah

Beautiful Monument Valley

I had the opportunity to visit Monument Valley’s Tribal Park twice so far. The Tribal Park is on the border of Arizona and Utah.  Both times, I had great weather.  Monument Valley is a Navajo Indian Tribal Park .  First time was there in more early Spring. It was a tad chilly.  When visiting Monument Valley you have two hotel choices in the park itself. The View and Gouldings Lodge. However both of those hotels are very expensive for a room per night.

Inside the Tribal Park

Inside the tribal park there is a 16 miles dirt road that loops the entire park. The first time I went back in 2015, they seemed to allow people to park and get out of their cars to take photos. However upon my second visit with my parents in 2017, the park owners dug deep trenches on the sides of the dirt road, also put boulders on each side of the road at certain points. I think they did this to discourage people to park their cars.

If I had the extra cash, I would stay at The View. It’s more modern and has great balcony views of the valley. So since, I did not want to spend upwards of $250 per room per night, I decided to make my home base for two nights in Blanding, Utah. It’s about 45 minutes North of Monument Valley. The first time I visited Monument Valley, I stayed two nights in Blanding, Utah. I wanted to drive the Moki Dugway the second and last day. On my way out of town.

Hire a Navajo Indian guide for access to all areas

The first time, when I went by myself, I tried to hire an Indian guide so that I could have access to some of the off limit parts of the park. I wanted to get more photos with more vantage points. I negotiated a price of  $150 with one of his aunts. To my surprise the Indian guide had a 773 (Chicago) area code cell phone number. However he called me too late. I was already on my way out of town.

Second visit to Monument Valley

The second time, I visited Monument valley was with my parents. The dense, red dust made my dads dark blue BMW X5 an orange color. That time we stayed in Kayenta, Arizona. That town is about 30 minutes South of the park. It is an Indian town, so no alcohol. I wanted a beer, but was out of luck that time. Indian reservations do not sell any alcohol. So no  beer with my meal at the hotel. My dad and I went to a carwash in Kayenta and promptly washed his SUV.

I have seen the park twice, so its not high on my list to see again. I would love to one day stay at the View Hotel for a night or two.

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