Monument Valley Tribal Park

Monument Valley Tribal Park

I had the privilege of visiting Monument Valley Tribal Park on two occasions. It’s a must see in the US. There are two hotels within the park, however they are a bit spendy. There is The View Hotel, and the Goulding’s Lodge.

Visit the park in an SUV

Driving in Monument Valley is a slow going process. At the time I was driving a sports car. There is a 16 mile dirt circle inside of the park. It is rutted, and has many potholes. So driving here is a slow going procedure. I also recommend keeping all your car windows fully up. The reason is the red dust, or dirt is very fine. It will be hard to clean out of your car. As a matter of fact, the outside of my car was filthy after driving the 16 mile circle in the park. The first thing I did after leaving the park was to get a carwash.

It’s best to visit the park with a higher vehicle. An SUV etc. You will have less of a chance “bottoming out” on some of the roads. The last time I went with my parents, the park officials had dug deep trenches on each side of the dirt road. Also they placed large rocks on each side. I feel this was to discourage people from parking their cars and getting out to take photos or look at the scenes. Mainly this was done to keep traffic flowing.

If I were to stay in the park, I would prefer The View. The first time I visited Monument Valley, I came across an Indian vendor that said their relative was a guide in the park.  Unfortunately I could only stay two nights in  Blanding (the nearest town from the park).

Getting an Indian guide would give you access to more vantage points for photography. Typically a guided tour would run one person $150. Thats the price that the relative was charging. However, the guide got back to me on my phone, as I was leaving Blanding. It would be nice to take a guided tour one day.

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