For a few years now, I have been creating panoramas at certain locations where I take photos. Rather than rely on automatic panorama creating software in cameras or on phones, I tend to do the panoramas the way I started doing them. On a tripod, with a DSLR.

For a 180 degree panorama I like to first use a Panosaurus. The Panosaurus is an extension that will support your DSLR in portrait orientation to what you are taking the panorama of.  Having your camera in portrait orientation will allow you to get more area in your entire panorama. The Panosauris is around $99. Yes, its an extra piece of equipment to carry around, but I feel its worth it to get a proper, high-resolution panorama of what you are taking photos of.


What I like to do is take my tripod set it up on a level or on a near level surface. Get the tripod level, then attach the Panosaurus to your tripod head. Screw the  camera into the Panosaurus. I currently use a non-zoom lens. Or a prime lens. You can use a zoom lens, but set it to a non-zoomed position. With autofocus on your camera turned on, focus the DSLR to a point in the middle of the 180 degrees that you want to photograph. Then turn off auto focus.

Swing the camera to either end of the scene you want to photograph, take your first frame. Then what I like to do is, rotate the DSLR 5 degrees or so, making sure to overlap your frames and take the rest of your shots. I normally  get maybe 8-12 frames to complete the entire 180 degree scene.

Back at the computer

Back behind the computer, using Adobe Photoshop, I use the image stitching feature to “stitch” all the exposures together. Then you have a panorama. I have printed my panoramas from my Nikon D800 to 50″W x 12″H

Gallery setting

I was (for a few months) displaying in a gallery in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood. It was fun, I hope, to display again at another gallery after the pandemic is over.


Some of my favorite panoramas

Below are some of my favorite panoramas. My favorite ones are the ones I took in the Dakotas or in the American Southwest. My Monument Valley ones are among my favorites. Simply special locations that are not common.

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