My photography categories

These are the main categories I came up with for my past photography. I may still add more categories to this in the future. Light painting is a new type of photography that I just started doing. Light painting does take a bit of preparation and organization.

Gifted with good eyesite

I have gotten older. Currently I am 49 and don’t require eye glasses of any kind or strength. I feel that I am incredibly lucky in this aspect of my life.   I am sure I will eventually need eye glasses at some point as  I get older. I am trying mentally prepare myself for that.

Advancements in photo editing software

I do keep current on digital photo editing software. The main one is Adobe Photoshop for Windows 10. I am still very enthusiastic about using various Adobe software suites. I am not happy with their monthly subscription payment plan. I don’t feel that Adobe should be requiring creatives to put their work in the Adobe Cloud. The artist’s work should be worked on, on their workstations locally.