Various abandoned places, abandoned factories. Forgotten places. Industrial wasteland.
Abandoned Places

When I first started photography in my area there was nothing really interesting to shoot. So, since I live on an industrial edge, I once found a gate slightly open to a  factory. I came back the next day with my camera, and squeezed through the gate. I found what was inside interesting.  At least it was something that not everyone got to take photos of.

I found that the factory was shut down, and the employees were locked out. Meaning the employees did not know of the plant’s abrupt closing and were locked out most likely the day they showed up for work. Evidence was that personal items were still left in the lockers. I felt like a photo archaeologist of sorts. Ever since then, I liked the color of rust.

Rust is an organic element that can take on various shades and colors. “In Rust We Trust”.