A computer and Internet user since 1995

I have been using Adobe Photoshop since v3.0. So Adobe Photoshop with no layers. I can work with Photoshop for hours and days. I am never bored of the program. I also have always liked photography. I started getting interested in photography back in 1990. I used my moms, 35 mm Minolta film camera to take “artistic” photos. I would later then develop the negatives at my local, community college.

I started with film, jumped to digital fast

I liked the film, but never got into color film. That was a little more tricky. I was glad when digital cameras came out and started shooting digital in 2000 or so. My first camera was a cheap, Sony Cybershot. It only produced JPG images. I then got my first DSLR an original Canon Rebel. I started shooting in RAW only.
For a few years I used Canon, but then in the last few years I switched all my lenses and camera body to Nikon. I feel that Nikons give you less of a “soft” image. Not sure. So now I shoot with a Nikon D800. I would like a D850 with 45MP of resolution, but thats maybe to come.

For years was a Canon user, now I am a Nikon user

I am looking for a photo editing position mostly. Maybe some studio work. I prefer product photos, or (like most guys) model photography. (tasteful of course). In any event, I would like to do more studio work.

I am highly disciplined with my file management. I mainly use Windows 10. However I could adapt to a Mac workstation. I would like to get into studio photography, and would be willing to fit into your cost structure. Internships, or actual paid work.

Education, I posses a Bachelors of Science that I received from Northern Illinois University. It was a Technology based degree. I also minored in German.
Feel free to contact me, and learn more about me! I am most easily accessed via email. Thanks for reading. – Chris


photo editing position
studio work, including product photos or model photography

Technical Skills
  • Mac and Windows 10 platforms
  • Programs: Adobe Illustrator CC2020, InDesign CC2020, Photoshop CC2020, Windows 10, Microsoft Office 2019
  • WordPress
  • Highly disciplined file management
  • Bachelor of Science, Northern Illinois University, Technology based degree.
  • Minor in German