Banned from Twitter

So I got banned from Twitter. This was the third time, separate accounts . I don’t think I said anything too bad, and not anything that would warrant a knock on the front door early in the morning.

It started when I was telling stupid, snarky jokes about the Trump administration, his wife, and certain GOP members that I highly disliked and considered serial liars and arch criminals. Also very childish people who happen to hold important jobs that are clearly way over their heads.

So back and forth for a few months, I may have typed some really funny stuff that got lots of comments from the Democratic followers I made. Then it went from jokes to just being mean, and raising my  blood pressure. It was not healthy for me, and I did not want to get in trouble or have any crazy and armed “Proud boys” find out where I lived.

So I think the final straw for the Twitter Gods was that I called Trump’s wife a whore on her FLOTUS feed. That earned me a permanent suspension. I also was doing something positive with my 2500 followers, I was posting my road trip photos. I got some feed back from that too from a few friends that I made. I made it a point to follow people that I thought were smarter than me. Lawyers, PHDs, writers, professional people. Intellectuals.

Slight regret

It hurts that I lost my Twitter privilege’s I hate being banned from anything. But I could not control myself. I got into this frenzy of being manic and upset. Upset at the GOP and the members what they were doing to the US. I was brought up a Democrat. I am not extremely left, I don’t feel that being extreme to the left or the right is a healthy thing. Trump has polarized the nation though. If anything I consider myself a “center of the road Democrat” A semi-liberal. I am not perfectly PC (Politically correct) I admit Ill make my off color comments at times. I grew up in a blue collar family with German roots. I know every joke in the book about every type of person.

Colorful language

I don’t type them in public, but I heard them all. Cute comments to down right vulgar and crude. I never repeat the crude ones. I try to be clever with my comments. Actually I don’t even make those type of comments anymore. So I consider myself liberal. As I think it will be the future way.

So I got banned. I made maybe three very humble appeals to Twitter. But I think I am screwed. Also Twitter is smart enough to figure out if you try to make another account. Also if you type something, and have lots of followers, you really don’t know the types of people that read your comment. You could offend the wrong person or people.

I enjoy writing, it’s not grammatically perfect though

I do like to write, I was never big on perfect English grammar, but I think through writing on the Internet I have improved my writing, and also expanded my vocabulary. So that is a plus. I should brush up on my German as well.

So, I guess I am saving myself a headache and got cut off of social media. I am still on Instagram (Because of my photos) my Instagram name is @christrott72, Ill most likely post photos there, with no political comments. It will be less stressful and angering for me.

There is another photo website called “Photo Guru” or something like that. I still have to figure out that site. It seems to want money for every submission or something. I see lots of popups after I post.

Back to this site

I guess Ill just stick with this site, since I like to play with WordPress and publish my photos. I also like to write now. I still don’t know where or how to use a semi colon. Seriously. I am good with commas now. I also don’t write in one chunk paragraph and break them up when I change thoughts. I also am getting better with commas.

I think smarter people will get off of social media more and more in the future. FaceBook was pure evil. It was a data mining platform. Zuckerberg is a major weenie. I would never get back on that platform again.

Knowing about all these social media platforms is what happens when you spend most of your time in a dark basement computer room, behind two computer monitors. It’s not a healthy existence.

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