Spring 2021

So its March. About a year since the pandemic has been effecting the world. It’s been mentally tough on me, and most likely everyone else. I have been pretty depressed. Also had my cycles of anxiety. I had been unemployed before the pandemic, and I tried to get into the creative field, but I had not bites on my resume. I have this website, he states that I am looking for job or gallery involvement. No responses. I am pretty down about no feed back from this site.

Due to my current, mental state,  I don’t see myself getting back in the job arena. Dunno, unless I can find a good fit. With my photography, I am not inspired. First off, I have no funds in the bank to do a Westward road trip (what I like to do in the Spring and Summer). Also, I have no motivation to go downtown (Chicago). I kinda stayed away from downtown when all the riots and protests were happening. I did not want to get caught up in that stuff. Also with the virus, I have pretty much been in the house. Sleeping a lot! Or trying to sleep. I gained weight. Overall I feel depressed and bleak.

Looking forward

Maybe once it gets warmer, I may venture out to downtown again. My issue with going downtown is the parking. Parking in Chicago’s Loop is highway robbery. What I like to do is park just outside of the Loop. I sometimes took the CTA line in. Currently I am pretty overweight, so mobility is kind of not the best for me right now. If anything, I may park outside the Loop and then take Uber rides to various points of downtown. I also purchased a photo/video drone. I was thinking about taking video and photo stills of the tops of various art deco buildings.

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