My first time in the American Southwest

Since I first took a train ride to be with a woman in Arizona in 2007, I have fallen in love with the American Southwest. My relationship failed after only 3 months, but my love for the American Southwest has grown since. Every chance I get in the summer, I take a photo road trip out West from Chicagoland. I just love the desert, love Utah and all the rock formations and arches. It’s hard to take a bad photo in the Southwest.

If I can retire

One day, hopefully, I will be able to retire to the Southwest. I would love to retire in Utah, or Santa Fe, New Mexico, or even California. California, for me is a bit scary because they always have seasonal fires. If I could find a fire safe community in California,  I would love to move to it. California is just a mystical state for me.

In California you have the snow-peaked mountains in the North of the state, then you have the deserts in the South. Its just an amazing state. Ah to dream. In the meantime, I stay close to my parents and family in Chicagoland.


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