The Spanish Island of Mallorca

The Sunny, Spanish Island Island of Mallorca
The Spanish Island of Mallorca
O’Hare (ORD) to Frankfort, Germany

First of all, it was  an extreme pleasure and opportunity to visit my family in Germany.   In October 2006, I had the good fortune of tagging along with my mom and dad to a flight to Germany from Chicago, Illinois’s O’Hare Airport. After 7 hours over the Atlantic, we landed in Frankfurt, Germany. Frankfurt, is a major hub of incoming, International flights to Europe. Their airport is always screwed up. It’s a huge airport. After we landed in Frankfurt and cleared customs, we had to take shorter German domestic flight to the town of Hanover ,Germany. That is the town where my family originates from. After three days in Hanover, we took a 3 hour flight to the sunny, Spanish Island of Mallorca.

Palma de Mallorca is the Capital of the Island

Flying into the island, the only airport is in the capital town of the island. Palma de Mallorca. The island is a haven for English and German vacationers. Also you have the resident Spanish or Mallorcaneese (sp) . They consider themselves set apart from the mainland Spanish. We were there after Europe’s spring break. So not too many people were at the lovely beaches. We mainly dined and had a few beers beach side.

Driving around the Island of Mallorca

Driving around the island take a few hours. The farside of the island is where the cliffs are. No real housing or towns on that side. My one relative has a 4th floor penthouse in the sunny, beachside town of Cala Millor. Lots of shops, pubs, etc to occupy your time at. Hotels etc. A very pretty place. I heard that the actor Michael Douglas has a place there too. Not sure. Many houses are very nice, there are some new construction houses.

My relative, Gaby

Finally the main reason for our visit to Mallorca, was because my one relative on my dad’s side of the family has a place in Cala Millor. My one relative is a home builder. She knows a guy there who is well connected and a natural resident. They both have projects all over the island. Similar to house flipping is what they do. Or new, residential construction. I don’t care for my dad’s side of the family, and will most likely never inconvenience them in the future.

I was very lucky to have visited. It was lovely.

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