The little guy

Ah well. I always have a weak spot for “the little guy”. You know that guy, the one that tries really hard but gets zero respect, or acknowledgement of his talents, or achievements. I identify with the little guy, because I am also a little guy. I have had this website also another website for over 17 years. Not one concrete feedback comment. Nothing. To tell you a truth, I feel like a big loser. I wasted my life with my photography etc. Sure I am good at photography, and can do pretty good photo editing. I also think I have some really good ideas. But, my websites are a black hole on the Internet.

Mental ups and downs

So, I simple don’t care too much anymore. Since the pandemic, I stopped taking new photos, I have not even been out much. I rarely leave the house now. Dunno. Mentally, I am a wreck. I think this virus news kinda ruined me. I bounce from shear anxiety to depression. I am trying to limit my calories, in the attempt to lose weight. At least not eating too much is cheaper. I plan on going to Utah in August to visit a lady friend I met via Twitter. We shall see. Maybe I just need to get away from the computer.

Keeping the sites online

Other than that, I guess I will keep Chicago Snapshot online. Its my toy pretty much. I’d probably just go insane if I did not have my websites. I am not expecting anything from these sites, just keeping myself busy. Eventually I may start taking new photos again. Right now I am not too eager.


If you are someone actually reading this, and like my photography. Thank you. I do keep track of my Google Analytics to see if this an my other site gets some type of visitors. Both sites kinda do. If you like my work, then thank you very much. As a single person, I try to produce content that is quality. I feel I have an eye for quality and talent.

I think I have good taste

I kinda know when I like something either visual, or audio, etc… Some content is really good, other content is not good. Then again, I have to remember that everyone has their own tastes. If I don’t like something, it  does not mean everyone will think that content sucks. I do want to say though, I am highly surprised that so many people that produce horrible content are so successful. Its one thing that angers me a bit. If a person produces good content, and is rewarded for that, I say God bless. Some people produce good content, some don’t.

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