Thinking of my next road trip

I was tinkering around on the Internet, trying to think of an interesting place to go on my next road trip. Normally, summers are for road trips for me (when its financially feasible) . I absolutely live for the summer, photo road trip. The past few road trips I have incorporated a dash cam and other action cams to document my trips. As well as taking my DSLR, laptop, and many rechargeable batteries.

Driving must be in my DNA. I am of German lineage, and love to drive. Especially out West where driving “briskly” is more tolerated. Every summer when I have the chance, I choose to go West from Chicagoland. This past Summer (Summer of 2020) was a wash for me road trip wise. First off, I am unemployed (no money). Second, there is this global pandemic, the COVID 19 virus. I did not exactly trust hotel rooms right now, or venturing through other regions.

I was doing some searching on places to go, and what caught my eye was “The Loneliest Road in America“. Highway 50 in Nevada. I first heard of this road from a Dead Kennedy’s song “Buzzbomb from Pasadena“. “Highway 50, and there is nobody there….II cruise alone, I cruise real far…” . I have been reading up on Highway 50, and it seems that it has gotten less lonely. More and more people are hearing that it is the loneliest road in America, and going to drive it. Some people are producing the same items for sale as Route 66. Mugs, t-shirts etc.

Watching the pandemic

So, I have been watching the daily news every morning. CNN, MSNBC, etc… etc.. Paying attention to the virus, seeing the daily death toll. Very sad situation. It’s got me down. Also listening about the two vaccines that are being distributed as of December 2020, to combat COVID-19. I really wish a road trip is possible for me right now. However it’s winter, and I don’t take road trips in the winter. But I am watching, and hearing when the vaccines will take effect and stop or at least reduce the infection rates and death tolls. I estimate that I may get my vaccination in Spring or Summer of 2021.

No job, no money

So after the virus is hopefully reduced and eliminated, there  is one more sticking point for me. Finances. I have been unemployed for a while now. I would need money for hotels, gas and food. Hopefully something will shake loose for me before Summer. Not sure. How I would love to be on the open road next Summer. If things work out for me, I think that I will venture out West again in the Summer of 2021.

I travel alone

In recent years traveling across country did not bother me. I normally listen to my music collection, and talk to myself (I never answer myself…yet). But lately, I wish I had a travel companion. Preferably a female. But it is what it is. I’m 48, single, never married. So, in a way its nice to not be tied down to anything for these road trips. However, like I said, lately, I wish I had a travel companion to maybe bounce ideas off of, or talk to. But it is what it is. I just hope I can travel West this next Summer, and take more photos, see new places.

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