The Witches Hour

This horrible pandemic

Ever since this pandemic started (March) or so, I have been at home. I only go out for groceries, or the drive thru bank, or the gas station. Maybe 10 times I slipped out to a bar. The bar was not crowded and everyone was socially distancing.


It’s getting hard from me to listen about the daily COVID 19 news. I hope they come up with a vaccine soon. I am glad Biden one the election, now hopefully he will help in the  COVID 19 pandemic. Hope we can rely on a working vaccine. I guess we will just have to wait till Fauci says there is a working vaccine. Thank God Trump’s nonsense is almost over.

Ill be watching to see if Trump, his family and some of the GOP members goto prison. I hope they do, they did a lot of lying, produced many conspiracy theories and stole lots of money using the US federal system to get their money. Also accepted money from Russian (the one county no American should do business with). Especially not the politicians. Russia is the last country to be connected with.

4 Years of unnecessary anger

Anyway, I will be like the rest of the citizens, watching the news, seeing Trump’s power dwindle. He makes no sense anymore or has he ever? I don’t think so. It’s been 4 years of anger at the TV and the GOP. Time to get professionals in the White House again, and steer the US out of this pandemic.

I try to limit my news each day. I spend most of my time, posting photos at the computer or sleeping.

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