Triple Digits in Nevada

Driving in the Nevada Desert
Triple Digits in Nevada

In May of 2015 I had the opportunity to take a Southwestern road trip.  The desert is a beautiful place. It’s very inserting being out there in the wide open spaces. You feel really small. Also you develop an appreciation of nature. The driving is enjoyable. What is fun to do is simply take a break way out in the middle of the desert, miles away from any town or another person. Just stop pull the car over on the side of the road and stop. Get out, and look around and reflect. It is very quiet out in the middle of the desert.

The West is the best

If I have the time to take a road trip, I prefer to go West. The Western US is much less congested and as a result, speeding over the limit is not detected as often. Especially in the desert, where there is no one really around to watch you. It is amazing how much empty space there out in the American Southwest.  So yes, my driving was on the brisk side in Nevada and elsewhere in the American Southwest. I am happy that I did not raise any red flags with the authorities. For this road trip in 2015, my was driving over the posted speed limit most of the way to California and back.

Cow pasture area in Nevada

In the video above, I was driving through a cow pasture area in Nevada (just after my stop in Rachel, Nevada), so I was watching out for cows also cops. My top speed was 140MPH for a minute. My car at the time was a Hyundai Genesis Sports  Coupe. A young man’s “exotic”. However it had a very mature 348HP.

My dream car

300HP is pretty respectable for a car. The handling was good on the car, I would not trade horse power for handling however. There is a balance. The car was a “trouble maker” for me.  I am very glad I never got caught misbehaving in that car. I beat the hell out of that automobile. Since my 2015 road trip, my driving behavior has chanced.  It is actually dangerous to speed excessively .

I don’t like domestic cars

Domestic cars are not attractive to me. Not sure  why. I just don’t like the styling of any domestic car  brands. Normally I have always had Asian cars. Honda, Hyundai. A nice German car would be great. Owning a fine, German automobile would be something for me to aspire to. Nothing beats the German engineering. I am not sure about the insurance costs, or maintenance costs. My dream car is a BMW M3. Even an older  body style. I feel 333HP or so is adequate for a sports car.

In addition to being older, and a bit larger, I think I am shifting my attention to SUVs. I do like the Audi SQ5. Possibly with horse power modifications.

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